Printer + Robot update.

Both robots are now operating seamlessly. I renamed them – Jared [that’s my personal robot, will not be seen very often in JP, unless a dual NXT robot is used] – and – Jared JP [that’s the general purpose robot]

I fixed the screen, and best of all, found that it coldn’t hurt to update the firmware, on the both of them, to 1.31 [one was under 1.29, the other was really unupdated and at 1.05!]

I also fixed a problem where one of the batteries would not function at all. Apparently the one on Jared JP [originally Jared A., the second one I’ve bought intentionally] had totally depleted in about 5 minutes [that’s the normal properties of a Li-on, they last at high voltage really long and then plummet. That’s what this did and took forever to charge, and made a mental note – as soon as its 7 volts – charge it. As soon as it hit 6.9, it just dropped like a rock to 5, where the NXT automatically shut off. It takes a while to get from 5 back to 7.2v.

Printer LDD + photos for your reconstruction if you want to try it. Some of the printer parts are impossible to build in LDD without great difficulty, so I left them out and took pictures of the actual thing.


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