Latest problem:

The robot that has been left over for the printer has been sitting a while and when I turned o the NXT, the screen was not working correctly. Via Bricx, I could connect and see that the NXT microchip was indeed sending the normal screen, but the image was halfway down the screen. But after going to get some dinner, and leaving it on, it somehow fixed itself in 10 minutes, and haven’t had any problems [except that I can’t find my battery charger for the NXT power pack]. I think one of my ultrasonic’s are broken beyond repair, so I might have a take-apart of that to see what could be the problem, maybe a loose connection or something… I’ll have to test it again, maybe it just wan’t sending anything…

The solar charger works great now that the sun is out. I actually got above a charge of 1.2 volts in the rechargeable, so that’s really nice [my charger usually leaves them at 1.15v]. The sun looks bright again today, maybe I’ll get a full 1.5v! The NXT agrees with me and putting all six into the robot measures out 7.4v, = 1.23v. Nice.

Now just to find the charger. Sorry that I lost the enthusiasm to build the printer any farther, but I will publish building instructions… Hopefully it has the rack gears in the library of parts…


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