I cannot seem to find my camera, but i have built a walking robot [well, it has front  legs and back wheels, but the legs are what make it go forward, or backwards. It works OK, but i’m sure with a better leg design it would walk more efficiently.

This robot is kinda inefficient, as it takes 2 steps forward and one step back. But it still travels, works better on solid smooth surfaces than, say a rug. It works really well on my mouse pad, which is soft foam with a layer of cloth on top, all a solid piece.  The robot is actually very simple and most of it can be made just by looking at a side view since all the mechanics are on the outside for looks.

It does walk very slowly though, maybe an inch every 3-5 seconds, depending upon the surface.

Pictures to follow if I can find my camera. I took apart the solar panel idea. It worked, but I found that the solar panel charged the battery the first day, and it didn’t really need charging for the next week with the LED output of only 4 led’s…

Program for the solar panel hookup to the NXT and a full schematic will be around soon…



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