Printer update! Surprise Enclosed!

OK. So a friend of mine and I got together last weekend and we totally rebuilt the printer. It’s design is very similar, and I’m sure we used many the same parts, but now we have a more functional robot. While it is practically impossible to get it to feed paper into it correctly, we finally got it to work. We gave up dots and complex programs and it paid off. We can draw lines on the paper now instead of lousy dots that the stupid ink-jets that take three hours to print. We can only draw one line at a time, but it works much nicer. Found the camera so pics to follow.

Other project:

Centrifugal Force Air Compressor:

This is a cool project. I was actually trying to make my own GluideWheel or whatever it’s called to connect PF motors as if they were NXT servos with all the rotation sensor stuff. A great idea, but I wanted to build one first, since I have the equip.

Really its not that hard to make a lego NXT motor port rotation sensor. All it is is a group of LED’s and light reactive switches [whatever you call those useful things] and a correct hookup. I hooked up the PF to a NXT port and found that the 2 amps out of the NXT was much better than the 200mA of the battery box, and decided that this motor is practically unstoppable, which when connected to a NXT port, it’s practically that. So I decided to gain centrifugal force and use it to run an air pump geared up from the normal motor, and it worked fine, in fact it went all the way to 47 PSI before it couldn’t kep up with the leaks, and just stayed even. But under the regular battery box hooked up the way it is it would stop at about 10 PSI, hardly enough to move a small piston.

This was a great idea that works amazingly. More tomorrow.


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